Thursday, April 12, 2012

Chocolate and BACON???

YES!! I ventured into a new heaven. I was looking for a way to make an extra special treat for someone who had helped us. She loves Bacon and has covered it in chocolate. My idea was born.

Candied Bacon Chocolate Bar

I first candied the bacon and sampled. AMAZING.
-Chopped it up and sampled - Even BETTER!
-Melted and tempered my chocolate and sampled - YUM!
-sprinkled said candied bacon in the bar mold - drooling!
-Poured chocolate over bacon and tapped to get air bubbles out
-Sprinkled MORE candied bacon
-cooled and let set.
-took the extra bar and smacked on the counter....and sampled.

Honestly the thought of bacon and chocolate wasnt appealing at first... until I tried it.